2022 CWGA Working Dog Shows

Please send your payment to:
Sherry Harman, CWGA Treasurer
2828 Emblys Gap Rd.
​Roseland, VA 22967


Visit our Facebook page by clicking on the blue button below.  Send any items for our Facebook page to Matt Townsend at 336-380-1090 or email at mattandsusan2000@gmail.com

   Featuring: Cathy Rubens of Silver Hill Rottweilers


AKC Ptd Andel’s Wynd Beneath Eagle Wings, CS,CGC,TDI,BN,RN -  Wynd is a daughter of my Penny when leased and  bred to the Starry’s I-Man. Renice is a wonderful person that has dedicated hours training and volunteering! They give my spirit wings to fly!  Below are photos of her with one of the veterans as he recovered. Click the button for more of the story about Wynd.

ON SEPTEMBER 10, 2022.

Featuring Keynote Speaker:
AKC Canine Health Foundation - Dr. Darin Collins, CEO

Additional Speakers & Presenters:
Pumi Grooming & Archive -
with Laszlo Sulyok, Ildiko Repasi & Marika Foreman 
Introduction to Scent Workshop - Anne Nored
AKC Specialty Clubs & AKC Terminology - Matthew Townsend
Life and Times of AKC Judge - Debra Thornton
Breeders Round table discussion

OFA Health Clinics for CERF and Heart
K9 Infinity: Collect, Freeze, Storage


All breeders, all breeds and dog fanciers are welcome!!!

Click on the link below to read the Article written in the Working Dog Digest which is all about the 2017 Shows: winners, raffle, etc..

Please support your breed's trophies for the 2022 shows in Concord, NC.  Consider trophy donation for YOUR Breed
​and a Group Ribbon.

  Please contact~Laura Rader, Trophy Chair at  catsquarerader@aol.com

    Show #1
    Beach Towel - $20 each
    Reg. Group Bucket placement 1-4 = $40 each
    Sweeps puppy group Bucket placement 1-4 = $22 each
    Sweeps Veteran group Bucket placement 1-4 = $22 each
   NOHS Group Bucket placement 1-4 = $40 each
   Show #2
   Beach Towel - $20 each
   Reg. Group Bucket placement 1-4 = $40 each
   Show #1 Ribbons
   Reg. Group placement 1-4 = $16 each ribbon
   NOHS group placement 1-4 = $20 each ribbon
   Show #2 Ribbons
   Reg. Group placement 1-4 = $16 each ribbon

Canine Education Workshop

STAR Awards Program

The CWGA will have an STAR award program for all dogs who attained a new AKC (only) title during the year. Click on the blue button below for more information how to apply for the STAR Awards Program.

Congratulations to all of our STAR Award (new AKC titled) recipients.We are pleased to report a growth in our program and encourage you to begin collecting your information for 2020!  

STAR Awards for the 2021 Year must fill out the STAR Awards Form located above(blue button).  Form must be received by April 1, 2022. 


Breeder's Corner

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Email me at catsquarerader@aol.com if you have any questions or photo submissions.


CWGA would like to thank all the volunteers who helped to put on our show.  Thank you to all the trophy sponsors.  See you next year in 2023!!!!

The Carolina Working Group Association is a non-profit club whose members are exhibitors, judges, trainers, breeders, and fanciers of breeds that are assigned to the AKC Working Group. 

We had our founding meeting in Greenville, SC on February 14, 2009.  Since that time, we have had follow up meetings and have applied to AKC for an official name.  We have developed a constitution and by-laws, standing rules, and have held 2 fun matches and offered mentoring opportunities at shows.

We foster the working breeds in conformation, obedience, agility, tracking and other working breed events.  Encouraging sportsmanlike events is one of our founding guidelines. 

We meet 6 times annually, normally at a dog show in the Carolinas.  Visitors are welcome.  Information for future meetings can be found on our events page.   Location information can be found at the infodog.com website.

We welcome new members who are interested in the working breeds.  Membership information can be found on that page of this web site.The Carolina Working Group Association is a non-profit club whose members are exhibitors, judges, trainers, breeders, and fanciers of breeds that are assigned to the AKC Working Group. 

Welcome to the Carolina Working Group association!

CWGA Needs Club Members to Volunteer for the following:
-NC Federation of Dog Clubs Representative
-Chair club events
-Ways and Means
-Program inventor for General Meetings

 Volunteer Opportunities needed:
*Judge transportation to or from the airport
*Wednesday help set up of the building
*Thursday clean up after the show (this is minor sweeping, chair placement and trash pick up)
*Make a lunch run on Thursday to pick up the judges lunches
*Decorate the trophy table.

And even more ways to help the show include:
*Contact people early to save the date
*Remind them at meetings and electronic and social media throughout the year
*Build enthusiasm with friends and other clubs via word of mouth
*Reminded people to enter before closing! 

Trophy Donations
​ NEEDED for 2022 CWGA Show

2022 General Meeting Dates (exact dates/times TBA)

March                   Raleigh, NC
June -                   Concord at show-After Party
July -                     Greenville, SC
August -                Greensboro, NC
November -           Winston-Salem, NC
December -           Winston-Salem, NC

Carolina Working Group Association

Serving dog breeds in the AKC Working Group